The Website Installer positioned in our Global Hosting Hosting Control Panel will give you a quick and simple method to set up a fresh web site with a custom appearance within just 5 minutes. All it takes is merely four simple steps for your new site to be on the Internet. It’s possible to choose between more than 200 customizable website templates and when it is prepared, you can maintain your brand–new web site with a click of the mouse. We are going to give you signin information for the administrative area and you will be able to start putting in brand new web pages right away. If perhaps, at any time, you need further instructions – the computer team members will be available around the clock, able to aid you.

The Website Installer can be obtained each shared plans, VPS web hosting plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, and dedicated web hosting plans offer coming when using the Global Hosting Hosting Control Panel.

A Webpage Installer For Everybody

Publish a completely new website without any technical abilities

The webpage installer connects the gap amongst technologically unskilled customers and complex web site creation and style and design. Making use of the tool, you won’t need to possess any knowledge in CSS or HTML. You’ll just need to choose how your web site is going to be like and click the Install button of the application. That’s all. Next, it is possible to include completely new web pages and publish your very own pictures with simply a click. No code to generate, no layout to build up. Everything is dealt with by the intuitive application in the backend and is also executed within seconds.

In the event that, for reasons unknown, you aren’t happy with what you have created, you can anytime reverse the changes and start from scratch.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

Over 200 Web Themes

Over 200 website templates are offered

We have developed more than 200 different web templates that can be used to your sites. Since we have never introduced these templates outside of Global Hosting’s Hosting Control Panel, exclusively our users can make use of them. The website templates are carefully crafted to accommodate a myriad of sites – from individual weblogs and portfolio web sites to e–stores and photo libraries.

We’re continuously working on delivering new designs as well.

200+ Free Templates

24x7x365 Technical Support Service

Contact us for advice whenever you want

The support staff offers a considerable experience with hosting and is all set to help you with any type of problems you could have dealing with your sites. In addition, you can find a comprehensive Regularly Asked Questions base along with an assortment of step–by–step video lessons that cover the most popular topics and problems. We supply a 1–hour reply–back time guarantee, but, most of the time the support team members are able to answer within just thirty min’s.

24/7 Support