File Transfer Protocol (FTP), represents the most famous method of transferring website files to a web hosting account. With an FTP application that’s pre-installed on your desktop or laptop computer, you can establish a connection to your web hosting server and copy all of the web files that you want with several clicks. This is done via an easy-to-work-with GUI and it is as simple as dragging ‘n’ dropping the aforementioned files. The advantage of using File Transfer Protocol is the fact that you are able to set up several FTP accounts, each one with a different level of access to your web space, so if you want to grant someone access, for example – a designer, they will be able to connect only to one specific folder and will not be able to see the remaining content or any other information, such as personal details. Three prerequisites are necessary in order to be able to set up an FTP connection – a hostname, which is normally an IP or a domain, a username and a password.
FTP Accounts in Shared Hosting
Creating and managing numerous FTP accounts will be astonishingly easy with any of our shared plans. This functionality isn’t limited, so using our intuitive Hepsia hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to create as many accounts as you need to, in order to administer your websites and to get your website-related tasks completed. If you hire a web developer and they’re done with the site, for instance, you can change the FTP password or remove the whole FTP account with just one click through the Control Panel. For the sake of convenience, you’ll be able to check a list of all the accounts that you have created and what directories they can connect to. Useful functions such as updating the password or the path and downloading an auto-config file for commonly used FTP client apps are also only one mouse click away.
FTP Accounts in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated hosting plans are pretty powerful, which makes them suitable for hosting plenty of websites. Speaking of which, we’ve chosen not to limit the number of FTP accounts that you can create, so you can have a different account for each website that you host on our cloud platform. All FTP accounts will be shown in alphabetical order in the respective section of the Hepsia hosting Control Panel, which comes with each and every semi-dedicated account. For each of them, you’ll be able to see the access path and to change it, if necessary. In addition, you can set up an account in a client of your liking by downloading an auto-configuration file and running it on your home PC, which will save you time. If you’ve never used a web hosting account previously, you can check out our exhaustive how-to videos, which can be accessed through the very same section of the Control Panel.
FTP Accounts in VPS Servers
None of the VPS web hosting plans offered by us has any restriction on the maximum number of FTP accounts that you can manage at any moment, so you can create a separate FTP account for any Internet site hosted on your server, no matter if it’s under a domain or subdomain. It also doesn’t matter which hosting Control Panel you’ll choose when you subscribe – cPanel, Hepsia or DirectAdmin, as an FTP server will be set up on the virtual machine at the time of the configuration of any of them. In case you want a number of users to be able to set up an FTP connection to the exact same directory using their own set of login credentials, for example, it will take a couple of clicks of the mouse to create a separate FTP account for each of them. Deleting an active account or modifying the folder that it can access is just as simple and you will not come across any impediment, even if you have no prior experience in such matters.